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How to fix a fascinator or cocktail hat

You will agree that fascinators and cocktail hats look great on models in fashion magazines and you may play with the thought to try wearing one yourself for THAT SPECIAL EVENT. But the question many have on your mind is – how do they keep it in place? Do you need a professional hairdresser of milliner at hand? Is there some magic glue? 😉 None of that! All you need to know is a couple of tricks that I will share in this post and you can go on party all night through without any fear of loosing your beautiful accessory.

Micro hair elastics

Tiny hair elastics is one of the easiest ways how to keep your fascinator in place. Just make 1-2 small piggy tails in the area where you will place the fascinator and then thread the comb or hairclip through them. Micro hair elastics will be a good choice if you have short hair. I have tested this method myself numerous times – it works 😉 This method will work best when you plan to wear your hair straight, no updos.

Bobby pins

This is another easy way how to keep your fascinator in place. Just take two bobby pins, put them in your hair so that they cross in the center. This method will work also for updos.

Hat elastic

Hat elastics are commonly used for pillboxes and other fascinator that need to be pressed tight to your head. You can do it the simple-messy way – just put the fascinator on your head and then somehow try to hide the elastic 😉 But you can achieve even better results with a little preparation – FIRST gather your hair up with a hairclip, THEN place the fascinator on your head and arrange the hat elastic around the back of your head. Once the hat elastic is arranged, take out the hair clip and let the hair fall down over the hat elastic. Some prefer shorter hat elastics so that they barely reach to the back of the head. I prefer to make my fascinators with longer hat elastics so that you can secure it easily at the back of your head. You will get even better results if the elastic is close to your hair color. When ordering a fascinator from my collection you can choose the color of the hat elastic 😉

When purchasing a fascinator with hat elastic you will sometimes notice that there are some extra means for keeping it in place – mini hair comb or small loops at the reverse side of the fascinator. The hair comb will not let the elastic move the fascinator to the back. The same result can be achieved also with bobby pins that you can thread through the small loops that were specially made for this purpose.


Nothing is more simple than wearing a headband but here are a couple of tricks how you can show off your fascinator and make the headband less visible. One way is choosing a headband close to your hair color. For my customers I offer tulle-covered headbands to match their hair color. But sometimes you have to think of ways how to hide the headband. I have included pictures of the tricks I mostly use. If you have longer hair you have even more options 😉

These are the tricks I use to keep fascinators in place. Choose whichever suits you most and enjoy your special event with your special fascinator in place.

Read also my post “How to choose the perfect fascinator for you” where I share my advice about the most appropriate ways of fixing a fascinator in different situations – when to use hair clips, combs, pins etc.


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