how to secure a fascinator
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How to secure a fascinator?

Your fascinator should not only look beautiful and compliment your style but it should also be easy to wear. Here are some of my recommendations for the commonly used means for securing a fascinator.

Headband (1.) – there are women who just can not wear headbands, they always feel uncomfortable, it is never the right size etc. If you are one of them, it is best you avoid headbands also for that special occasion or you will end up with a headache and bad memories of the day. For smaller size fascinators I offer very thin (1mm) metal headbands that are so lightweight and soft that you hardly not them. For those of you who usually have no problems wearing a headband there are more options. Milliners (professionals who make fascinators) mainly offer three options – headband in the color of the fascinator, metallic gold/ silver headband or headband close to your hair color (black, brunette, blonde). Headbands that are close to your haircolor will be easier to hide. Some milliners offer such options free of charge, just contact them before making the purchase. Many of my fascinators that are mounted on a headband are fixed with elastic thread so you can slide the fascinator along the headband to find the best placement on your head.

Hat elastic (3.) – this is one of the most commonly used methods to secure a pillbox style fascinator or even a mini hat. Just put the elastic around the lower back side of your head and hide it in your hair. In some cases there is also a small comb (2.) attached to the fascinator that will help keep it in place. Other milliners prefer to make small loops at the back of the fascinator so that you can also fix it with bobby pins (9.). Similarly like headbands also hat elastics come in the color of the fascinator or haircolor. Hat elastics are my favourites because you can hide the thin elastic in your hair easily and the hat fits snugly. Read more about wearing hats with hat elastics in my other blog post.

Comb (4.) – I love using hair combs for my handmade fascinators. This way you can position the fascinator in any place and angle on your head. And the best thing about combs is that they are completely invisible. Be ready to get questioning looks – “how does it stay on her head?!”.

Hair clip – milliners use different sizes of hairclips (5., 6., 7., 8.) depending on the size and weight of the fascinator. There are small metal crocodile clips for the small, cute fascinators. Then there are larger alligator clips for bigger headpieces. Hair clips are so easy to use, but sometimes you have to take extra precautions so that they do not slide out.

I tell more about my secrets how to securely fix fascinators in the posts How to secure a fascinator or cocktail hat

These are the basic principles for securing a fascinator. Have fun choosing and wearing a fascinator on your special day!

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