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What hat to wear to a summer wedding

The exciting summer wedding season is upon us. While most of you have at least a dozen of ideas about appropriate wedding guest dresses, choosing the right hat (for many of you) can feel confusing. A hat or other headpiece is an easy way how to dress up a plain outfit. Read on to find my advice on different styles of hats that will compliment and enhance your summer wedding outfit.

The Cocktail Hat

The cocktail hat is one of the most popular styles of occasion hats. Basically it is a button, teardrop or pill shaped hat base that is decorated with either flowers, feathers, birdcage veil, lace etc. For the summer season I recommend to choose a straw or fabric covered hat. The trimming is what makes the hat special and can complete your look. Depending on the style of your outfit you can choose anything from a romantic pillbox with flowers and birdcage veil, to a minimalist design with some eye catching sculptural detail.

Pillbox hats can be fixed with a hat elastic, comb or headband – keep this in mind when planning how to wear your hair.

The Classic Jacky O Pillbox Hat

The difference between cocktail hats and the classic Jacky O hat is that the latter one is usually slightly larger and is worn at the back of the head. Also these hats are made from straw but the most classy ones are covered with exquisite fabrics like silk or boucle. The Jacky O pillbox is a wardrobe staple hat that can be worn on various occasions. While usually this hat shape comes with minimal trimming details – a classic bow or some pleats – it can also be decorated with flowers, feathers, pearls, birdcage veil etc. This style of hats fixes with a set of combs or bobby pins. This is a hat style that will suit anyone from a young fashionista to a 50+ lady.

Halo Headbands and Turban Headbands

This headpiece is so easy to wear, no wonder that it has become so popular. Besides traditional headbands you can also opt for a more exquisite style – halo headbands or turban headbands. Halo headbands are usually made using traditional millinery techniques, e.g. the base is blocked on a wooden hat block. It is then either covered with fabric and/ or decorated. Unlike traditional headbands these have more volume, are taller and or/ wider and can be  made in almost a closed circle shape, the tips joining with a bow or ribbons at the back of the head. A turban headband as the name suggests resemble turbans. They are usually made with lots of pleats and folds to create the voluminous effect of a turban.  All of these headbands are easy to wear and specially recommend for summer weddings in hot climates. 

Although called “headbands” some of these millinery creations fix with a hat elastic at the back of the head.

The Occasion Hat

When the wedding theme calls for something grande, there is no better choice than an occasion hat. It can be so called “saucer style hat” or any other design, but it will have the WOW factor. Though usually reserved for the mother of the bride or groom, also wedding guests can wear this style of hat (if in doubt, reach out to the couple directly). Summer occasion hats are made from straw and although called hats, they mostly fix with a headband or hat elastic. Choose a wider brim hat and it will also act as a sun hat.

Summer Hat

Garden party or beach weddings usually allow a much more relaxed and casual outfit. In such a situation you can opt for a straw summer hat with some elegant trimming detail. Forget about your comfy, slightly crushed sun hat from the last vacation. Even though the hat can be fairly simple it has to be in a pristine condition. Cloche hats or wide brim hats is a great choice, if necessary your milliner can easily embellish the hat to give it a more festive appearance.

The Fascinator

Sometimes all you need is “a little-something” to complete the look – a bright pop of colour, a couple of feathers that move in the warm summer breeze. Lightweight and easy to wear, just pop it on and enjoy the wedding. Summer fascinators come in different sizes and shapes, made from different materials – feathers, silk flowers, straw, fabrics etc. Choose one that compliments your style and uplifts your mood. 

Be brave, be playful and make this festive season unforgettable. I am always happy to consult and help you find the perfect hat, headband or fascinator, just contact me at rita@rubinamillinery.com.

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